Current accreditation status

Q: Is R星视频 currently accredited?

A: R星视频 is currently accredited. R星视频's accreditation is reaffirmed for 7 years as of January 2017.


Q: When is our next self evaluation and midterm report?

A: Our next self evaluation is in 2023 and midterm report is due in October 2020.

Meeting schedules

Q: Where are calendars of accreditation-related meetings?

A: Depends on which meetings you want to attend:

How can I participate?

Q: How can I easily participate in accreditation activities without committing to joining a workgroup?

A: We need everyone's help with the following:

  • Keep good records of your SLO/SSO/AUO participation, which provides evidence for our self-evaluation. Submit reports on time!
  • Read accreditation emails, answer surveys, attend workshops and forums by the college.
  • Get involved at the department/unit level in program review and planning efforts.
  • Review your department/unit web pages for currency. Help identify and remove out-of-date or incorrect pages.
  • Pay attention to your constituent group activities and communications for participation options.
  • To gain a better understanding of accreditation, please watch this  from the ACCJC website.