Have questions about learning online? Read through some of our most frequently asked questions to get the answers!

Top 5 Canvas Questions
  • If you are registered for a class and the class has started, you should see the class on your Canvas dashboard. You might see a class before the start date, but this depends on the teacher.  

  • When will I see my class? You should see the class in your Canvas dashboard on the first day of class (check the schedule of classes for the start date, it might not be the first day of the semester.) If you do not see the class, please ensure you are fully registered (waitlisted students do not see classes in Canvas). If you registered within the last 4 hours, you might not see the class until 6 hours after registering.

  • Before your class begins, you can view the class in Canvas by clicking on Coursesselecting All Courses, and scrolling down to Future Enrollmentsbut you cannot access them until they start. 

    Courses button is circled with Future Enrollments section highlighted.

Note: Please contact the R星视频 helpdesk if you do not see the class and believe you have been registered for the class for over 6 hours and the class has already started.  

  • All R星视频 classes should have a Syllabus in Canvas for student viewing. Note that you might not see the Syllabus until the first day of class, and if you do not see the Syllabus after the first day of class, you should contact your teacher.

Learn how to in Canvas.

Note: If the course has not started or it has ended, you can write to the teacher鈥檚 R星视频 email. It鈥檚 best using your school email account. To find the teacher鈥檚 email address, go to the schedule of classes, find the class, and click on the teacher鈥檚 name. 

  • Please chat with  if you need help with Canvas, such as viewing grades, submitting coursework, or any Canvas functions.  

  • Do not contact the R星视频 help desk for Canvas-related questions.

  • For login, RAM ID, or enrollment issues, please contact the R星视频 helpdesk.

Online Course Questions

If you are a new student (not enrolled last semester), follow these steps to apply to R星视频.

If you are a continuing student, . Learn more about registering for classes at R星视频.

Yes! As long as you do not have any holds on your record you can register using your . Learn more about how to find online courses in the Class Schedule

If you are a new student, please read your initial R星视频 welcome email for instructions.  Claim your RAM ID according to those instructions, and use that username and password to . 

If you still can't log in, please contact the R星视频 helpdesk.

All the courses are taught by R星视频 faculty members.

Students can check if a course is transferable by referring to the R星视频 Course Catalog or by going to the website.

Online courses cost the same amount as regular on-campus classes. Go to Tuition & Fees for current fees.

Learn about the waitlist system at R星视频. Often students drop from a course, and space is available on the waitlist. You can also try sending an email to the instructor.

You can still add an online class after the open registration period. Learn more about the add/drop procedures at R星视频.

Equivalent "total classroom lecture hours" is 17.5 times the weekly lecture (contact) hours as stated in the R星视频 Course Catalog. This is the same whether the course is face-to-face or from a distance.

The ACCT 1 course is a 4-unit course, with 5 lecture hours (Lec-5). Students are charged for 4 units, but required contact (online lectures, quizzes, discussions, etc) is the equivalent of 5 hours/week for 17.5 weeks. Homework is extra. So the total classroom lecture hours for this course is 5 x 17.5 = 87.5.

All R星视频 information will be sent to you there. You do have the option for as an alternative method of communication in Canvas.