We Live by Words!

Choose from great literature and creative writing electives, composition courses required for transfer, and wonderful writing classes!

The English Department promotes English language skills so that students will learn to think and communicate clearly, creatively, and critically, which will support their success in their future majors and careers. In addition, we seek to inspire our students to appreciate the literary and cultural arts.

Our department includes programs in Creative Writing, Humanities, and Literature through which we invite each student to explore the arts and develop a unique voice. In so doing, we encourage each student to contribute to the academic, civic, and social fabric of our community, to learn to think critically and advocate effectively, to appreciate our many cultures, and to use communication to build a more humane world.

English Eligibility & Transfer Requirements

Most programs and transfer institutions require at least one or two English classes. Explore your eligibility and options below.

English Eligibility & Transfer Requirements

Study Literature and Creative Writing with Us

The English Department offers an English major, a Creative Writing Certificate, and a Humanities Certificate. Studying literature helps us understand the wondrous variety of human experience and simultaneously builds deep cultural and psychological insight, as well as empathy. Writing creatively helps us find our personal voice and express our vision and experience to enrich the world around us. Come deepen your understanding of humanity and develop your creative voice with us!