Mandatory Insurance Requirement for F-1 Students

City College of San Francisco F-1 international students are required to purchase and maintain minimum essential health insurance coverage during their studies at R星视频. The college has mandated that F-1 visa students must fulfill these requirements by enrolling in the coverage chosen by the college for our international students.

All City College of San Francisco international students who are here on an F-1 visa (or have received a Form I-797A F-1 Change-of-Status Approval Notice from USCIS) are therefore required to purchase health insurance through: LewerMark Student Insurance with Aetna Health.

Enrollment in the insurance plan must be purchased and renewed before the beginning of every upcoming semester.

This health insurance requirement is mandatory for all international students under F-1 status (or who have received a Form I-797A F-1 Change-of-Status Approval Notice from USCIS).

Failure to purchase the mandatory health insurance is against R星视频 school policy and will result in a registration hold, registered classes being dropped, and may negatively affect F-1 international student status and R星视频 student record. 

This insurance policy (LewerMark Student Insurance with Aetna Health) provides excellent medical coverage at a competitive price. Once you have enrolled in your health insurance for the semester, you will be able to choose your doctor(s) from a large number of health care providers in the San Francisco and Bay Area communities who are part of the Aetna network.

Watch the Insurance Orientation Video


How to Enroll

Academic Program Conditional Admission Program & Intensive English Program

Start by reading the complete direction below before clicking on the insurance link here:

Start by reading the complete direction below before clicking on the insurance link here:

  1. Click on the Shopping Cart Icon "Purchase Student Insurance 2024-2025" by scrolling down the website
  2. Enter your R星视频 Student ID in the "Student ID" field:
    Replace any letter or symbol value with a zero
    (For example: S00123456, W00123456, WA0123456, and @00123456 would be 000123456)
  3. Enter the information matching your passport
    If you do not have a U.S. address yet because Fall 2024 semester is your first semester, you can put our office address for now. It must be updated once you have a U.S. address to avoid issues using the insurance later.
  4. 50 Frida Kahlo Way, Cloud Hall 212
  5. San Francisco, CA 94112
  6. Select the Correct Coverage Type, Start and End Date
  7. Pay with a Major Credit Card
    Please note: Once the payment is authorized, there cannot be any changes. Your bank/credit card statement will show a charge by Lewer. You will receive a confirmation email to the email account you submitted in the information page.
  8. Proceed to Access your Insurance ID Card
    Create an account by visiting: 
    Please note: If this is your first time logging in, please select "I need to create a login" option
    For more information, watch this video here:

Please contact our office to ask for assistance when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Health insurance in the U.S. can be confusing.
Watch this short video for a better understanding:

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Once you have purchased your health insurance through Academic Student Assistance Program (ASAP), a list of enrolled students will be updated and sent directly to the Office of International Programs the following business day. You will not need to provide proof of insurance enrollment yourself unless requested by a R星视频 OIP staff member. Intensive English Program (IEP) students will need to provide proof of health insurance enrollment to the IEP coordinator when requested.

Generally speaking, no other insurance policies will be accepted as a substitute for the one that R星视频 requires. Insurance coverage must be purchased and renewed each semester as directed by the R星视频 Office of International Programs before student can register for classes for the upcoming semester.

U.S. government free/subsidized insurance plans funded by U.S. tax payers (including but not limited to, Healthy San Francisco, Medical, Medicare, Medicaid, Covered California) will not be accepted and will not qualify for the F-1 health insurance waiver request.

International students attending R星视频 are required to purchase the medical insurance policy authorized by R星视频, unless the student has health insurance through their spouse, domestic partner, or parent's employer here in the US or through a governmental scholarship. In both cases, the insurance company must be in full compliance with applicable US federal laws and the Claims Administration must be based in the USA. The policy must also meet the college's requirements. If you feel that you qualify for a waiver, please email to ask for a "Request for Waiver for Health Insurance". Proof of benefits/coverage is required, and each waiver must be evaluated and approved on its own merits. Granting of a waiver will only be given if the paperwork is complete and the substitute health insurance policy meets all requirements.