During registration, you may encounter some error messages preventing you from registering for your course(s). Please consult our Registration Error Messages below for information about the error and how to resolve it.

Contact the appropriate department on the Hold Contact List if you need to clear a hold. 

Are you getting "time ticket" error?  Please go to: to find out when you can register.
Authorization Required: CRN Started Class Add Request required: This class has started; you must submit a Class Add Request on myRAM Portal and speak with the instructor. If approved, you may then add the class. Submit a Class Add Request on myRAM Portal. Select Student Portal then select Class Add Request.
Closed Section/Waitlist Full Class is closed and the waitlist is also closed You may search for a different section or continue to check your myRAM Portal for an available seat.
Closed Section/Waitlist Available The class is full but the waitlist is available. You can add yourself to the waitlist.
Cohort Restriction This class is part of a cohort program. Please refer to the schedule for more information or select a different section.
Corequisite Required This course requires a corequisite You must also register for the corequisite of this course.
Credit Level Error/Level Restriction Credit Level Error Contact A&R Email the Registration Center at register@ccsf.edu
CRN Does Not Exist The CRN # (course number) you have entered is not a valid number for the current semester, OR the course is not a credit division course. Recheck the CRN number you have entered and enter the correct CRN.
Duplicate Section The course section you are attempting to enroll in already appears on your records. Check that you are not already registered for the same course section.
Duplicate CRN The CRN # is already listed on your records. Choose alternate CRN or if you are trying to re-enroll in a course you have dropped you must register in person.
Duplicate COURSE The course# is already listed on your records. Choose alternate CRN or if you are trying to re-enroll in a course you have dropped you must register in person.
Enrollment blocked by prior enrollment You are attempting to add a course in which you have taken the equivalent of previously. Please see to a counselor to discuss your course options. Email academiccounseling@ccsf.edu.
Holds You have a hold that prevents you from registering. View your hold on your myRAM Portal account and contact the department that placed the hold on your account. Review your account balance as you may have a delinquent debt owed.
Lecture / Lab Link Error Student cannot add the lecture without the assigned lab for the course. Student must enter both CRN's for the lecture and lab classes. myRAM Portal requires you to enter the CRN for the lab first then the lecture.
Maximum Hours Exceeded The number of units of the course you have selected exceeds the unit maximum allowed for a semester. Counselor's approval required over 18 units Fall/Spring and 9 units Summer. High school students must obtain approval if exceeding 11.5 units from HS counselor and submit to A&R HS Enrollment Program.
Need Approval To Take This Course High School students must have approval to take certain courses. Contact the high school coordinator in Admissions and Records at hsenroll@ccsf.edu
No Registration Date or No Registration Time Ticket You have not been issued a registration appointment date for the term you are attempting to Register in. You do not have a registration appointment. Please contact the Registration Center at  register@ccsf.edu
Prerequisite And Test Score Error The course you have entered has Prerequisite/ Test score requirements have not been met. Contact the Assessment Center at prereq@ccsf.edu.
Repeated/Duplicated Course You may have already taken this course previously and cannot repeat it. Choose another course. If you wish to repeat this course, contact Registration at register@ccsf.edu
Repeat Exceeds Limit Student has exceeded the number of times he/she can repeat the class. Student must select another course or complete a Course Repeat Form to determine if you meet the requirement to repeat the course.
Time Conflict The course(s) you are attempting to add are in "time conflict" with the CRN # listed. You can choose another CRN that does not conflict OR you may obtain a "Time Conflict" approval form and submit to register@ccsf.edu.
You Require Re-admission Prior To Registration You do not have a current application, or you have been away for more than one year.

You need to submit a new R星视频 admissions application through CCCApply if you have been away for a year.

Follow the steps to re-apply