A waitlist system is available to assist you in registering for your classes. If you are trying to register for a class and the class is closed and there is an open waitlist, you may place yourself on it.

If a student in the class drops and a seat becomes available, you will be notified by an email sent to your R星视频 email account. You have 24 hours to register for the class once the email has been sent. If you do not register in that time frame, you will be removed from the waitlist and the next student on the list will be offered the opportunity to register for the class.

It is recommended that you monitor your waitlist status daily in your email account and in myRAM Portal to ensure you will not miss your opportunity to register for the class.

It is your responsibility to register for the class once notified of the opening and pay the appropriate tuition and enrollment fees associated with the class.

How to Manage Your Waitlist

  • Add Yourself to the Waitlist
  • Register from the Waitlist
  • Remove Yourself from the Waitlist
Waitlist Frequently Asked Questions

If both the class and the wait list are full, look for another class section that will fit your schedule and add.

Yes, however, if a space becomes available in the wait-listed course, you will need to decide which course you want. If you want the wait-listed course, you must drop the course causing the time conflict.

No. However, if you have taken the prerequisite at another college, you should complete the Prerequisite Challenge process by submitting the appropriate documentation (i.e. transcripts) to the academic department. Approved prerequisite challenges should be returned to the Assessment Center. Prerequisite Challenge forms can be downloaded from the Assessment Center.

No. You cannot register or attempt to register for two sections of the same class.

Not all classes have wait lists. If a class is closed, look for an open section of the same class to add, or go to the first day of instruction with an Add/Drop Form and proof of your Registration Appointment Date.

Yes. When you first attempt to add the class, the message will indicate how many students are ahead of you on the wait list.  After you have added yourself to a waitlist, but before the class has started, you can also see your waitlist position by going to:

1.  Go to Student Portal

2.  Go to MyProfile

3.  Go to Student Schedule

4.  Select the right term from drop down menu, click on the course you are waitlisted for, go to Schedule Details, on the bottom right in a gray colored bar you can see your waitlist position.

No. Effective Spring 2020, R星视频 will no longer use add codes. Add codes have been replaced with Class Add Request. Students can submit a Class Add Request through their myRAM Portal by selecting:

  1. Student Portal
  2. Next, select Class Add Request
  3. Enter the term and CRN for the course and press submit

You can be on multiple wait lists for different classes. But, you can only be on one wait list for one section of any particular course.

There are no fees charged for being on a wait list. Fees are assessed when you register for the class.

Typical waitlist capacities are 10 but can be larger for certain classes. Once the waitlist is full, any students trying to register will get the message 鈥淐losed 鈥 Waitlist Full."

Yes. However, you will receive an error message if you are notified of an open seat. You will need a counselor鈥檚 approval to register in more than the maximum units allowed in one semester/session (18 for Fall/Spring semester and 9 for Summer session). To register in more than the maximum units, you must obtain the approval form from your counselor and submit in person to the Registration Center, register@ccsf.edu. Remember you only have 24 hours (including Saturdays and Sundays to add the class then the seat goes to the next person on the wait list). No Exceptions.

  • If you are still on the waitlist when the first day of class begins, we encourage you to submit a Class Add Request
  • A Class Add Request can only be submitted on the first day the course has started. An error message will appear if you attempt to submit a request before the course has started.
  • Students may continue to sign-up for a waitlist as part of the regular registration process prior to the 1st day of class; however, students will be removed from the waitlist before the 1st day of class.
  • Students on a waitlist prior to the 1st day of class will no longer automatically transfer to the class add request list. If you are still interested in adding the course on or after the 1st day of class, you must submit a Class Add Request.
  • Students who submit a class add request will be prioritized by their original priority registration appointment date/time.
  • If you are waitlisted, you will not see the course in Canvas until you officially add the class, and if you are a new student and haven鈥檛 yet officially added any other classes, you will not be able to log into Canvas until you officially add a class.