Service Hours

By the Wednesday of the 16th week of the semester every club must complete a minimum number of campus wide activities and/or service hours.

  • 20 Campus Service Hours
  • 10 Campus Service Hours + 1 Campus Wide Activity
  • 2 Campus Wide Activities

The ICC Senator will track service hours based on Event Request Forms submitted. If your club chooses to do all 20 campus service hours, you will need to submit a club service hours form for each event your club serves hours so that the ICC Senator can keep track of them. Please email the ICC for a service hours form, or check with your ICC rep- we give them out at ICC meetings near the deadline.

Clubs that do not complete service hours or that were absent 3 or more times in a semester from the ICC General Assembly meetings will receive a $25.00 deduction from their club account.

Infractions of ICC Guidelines and AS Financial and District Guidelines can lead to a deduction of up to $50.00 from your club base allocation or the freezing of your club account.

Unity Day

All clubs are required to participate in the Unity Day celebration that happens once during the Fall semester and once during the Spring semester. Unity Day is a day to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of our clubs, resource centers, and student councils at R星视频. There are usually entertainers, free food, and activities showcasing the various student organizations we have; including but not limited to cultural groups, sports, honor societies, sciences, art, recreation, political issues, etc. Each club is required to help set up and clean-up the event, table for your club at the event (10am-2pm) and help recruit entertainment for the day before the event happens. It is also the job of the ICC to promote Unity Day with posting flyers, telling your friends, and announcing it in your classes.


All clubs are required to participate in FRISCO (FRIday Successful College Opportunities) Day which is hosted at R星视频 every April. High school seniors from San Francisco Unified School District are invited to come to R星视频, San Francisco State and UC San Francisco to learn about how to enroll, register for classes, find out information from counselors, find out about student activities and organizations, and to have FUN! Students will be able to come to the Club and Resource Fair during FRISCO Day to learn about what鈥檚 happening at the college and how they can get involved on campus. Each club is required to set up a table and be available for questions from the high school seniors from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Club Advertisements

Since all clubs are sponsored by the Associated Students Council, and therefore the Student Activity Fee, all clubs are required to have the following statement on their fliers (digital or printed):

"This event was made possible by your Student Activity Fee.
This club is officially recognized by the Associated Student Council of City College of San Francisco.
Persons requiring disability-related accommodations for this event should contact Disabled Student Programs and Services at (415) 452-5481. Please allow for 72 hours advance notice."

Once your fliers are ready for print, either bring one to the Student Activities Office or send one digitally to us at to have a draft of your flier stamped for approval for posting.

Waste Management

The ICC has implemented a zero tolerance policy regarding wastefulness and using products that are not biodegradable or recyclable. If your club is planning a fundraising event or other club activity, you MUST use green products鈥攖his means compostable, biodegradable, or paper鈥攚ith the exception of plastic utensils, although if these can be recycled that would be best.


Clubs will be charged $50.00 for using non-recyclable products during their club events as their first warning. If a club is caught with non-recyclable products for a second time, the club account may be frozen or disqualified for recognition in the next semester.