Semester parking permits are available to R星视频 Students and Employees. Once purchased, parking permit decals shall be attached to the inside, lower, right corner (Passenger Side) of the windshield and at a level to where they are clearly visible from the outside.  

Student Parking Permit Process

Please go to the Bursar's Office, student parking permits' webpage and follow the instructions to purchase a student parking permit.

If you have any issues with purchasing a student parking permit online, please contact the Bursar's Office at 415-239-3345, or go to MUB (Multi-Use Building) 360.

Purchase a Student Parking Permits

Employee Parking Permit Process

To apply for the current parking permit, follow the listed instructions. Note, you will be able to print a temporary permit during this process (motorcycles excluded).

Before you begin you will need your Employee ID, Vehicle information (make, model, plate, etc.) and mailing address.

  1. Go to  and click on PERMITS
  2. Enter your R星视频 Employee ID number then click SEARCH
  3.  Two permit types will be displayed
    •  If you are applying for a permit for any vehicle, click ADD item in the Hangtag Permit Current Year box.
    • If you are applying for a permit for a motorcycle or convertible, click ADD item in the Motorcycle/Convertible Current Year box.
  4. If you need to add another permit, click ADD MORE ITEMS and repeat Step 4
  6. You will now need to create a NEW ACCOUNT
  7. You will now need to ADD VEHICLES to your account
  8. Click the [SELECT] box and select [Add New Vehicle]
    • Fill in all the information
    • If you need to add more vehicles for a hanging permit, (max of 3) click ADD ANOTHER VEHICLE
  9. Enter your mailing information.  This is where your permit will be mailed to you.
  10. Review your order for any errors
  11. Once you have completed your order, you may now print a temporary permit for your vehicle
    • EACH vehicle will need its own temporary permit and is valid only with the vehicle printed on the temporary permit
    • Temporary permits do not apply for motorcycles.

Remember, if you ever make any changes to your vehicles: buy, sell, new plates, etc., it is your responsibility to return to this site and update your information.

If you have any questions or problems during the sign-up process, please email Delmy Ticas at