R星视频 Holds Meaningful Undocumented Student Action Week

City College of San Francisco (R星视频) is proud to have celebrated Undocumented Student Action Week, an initiative launched by the California Community College system to raise awareness for the resources and support available to undocumented students. Last week, the R星视频 held numerous events geared towards promoting the various educational offerings and supportive services available to our undocumented and immigrant students. Some of the specific programs highlighted included:

  • City DREAM - the center organizing the Action Week, was founded in 2019 as a support hub specifically for undocumented students, students from mixed status families, and any student affected by immigration or citizenship issues.
  • The College鈥檚 Puente Program - which provides Latinx students with sustained, in-depth career and academic guidance regardless of a student鈥檚 immigration status - transfers more students to the University of California system than any other Puente program in the state. 

This year鈥檚 action week provided several opportunities for R星视频 undocumented students to receive support and access to college resources through a menu of college events held throughout the week. Highlights from the R星视频 undocumented student action week included:

  • Student & Employee Open House: An opportunity to meet R星视频 staff including members of the college鈥檚 legal team, financial aid specialist, counselor, and coordinator. Students were also able to learn more about the different services that are available to undocumented students at R星视频.
  • Student Club Social: Undocumented students were able to meet and connect with student leaders who started a student club for undocumented, immigrant students, and allies and learn how they can become part of it and the different activities they are hoping to host this semester.
  • Alumni Connection: Students were able to meet former R星视频 undocumented students and learn about their educational experience, what helped them navigate the education system, and life after R星视频. This session also allowed students to learn about the history of undocumented students at R星视频 and how students were able to advocate for City DREAM, the resource center for undocumented students.
  • Knowing Your Rights: R星视频 welcomed the Immigration Institute of the Bay Area in an interactive webinar giving an overview of Know Your Rights information. Students were also able to discuss other relevant immigration options. 
  • Pathways for Success: Students were able to learn about the different programs that are available for non-credit and credit undocumented students such as the Bridge to Credit (SB554), AB540, Free City, Dream Act and more.
  • Transitional Studies hosted a High School Graduation for adults who earned their High School Diplomas, many of the graduates were Undocumented students.
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