May 11, 2021

City College of San Francisco 
Director of Media Relations

RƵ Votes to Rescind All Layoffs and Updates Budget Assumptions

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Last night, May 10, in a special meeting of the City College Board of Trustees, the tentative agreement between the College and AFT2121 was ratified and voted to go into effect. The agreement reached also adjusted the previously reported budget assumptions estimating a $35 million-dollar shortfall.

In March of 2021 when notices were sent to the 163 full-time faculty and 34 administrators, the College had proceeded very conservatively with its budget estimates, given the prior history of outstanding year end payables, deficit spending, budget information that needed further analysis, and not counting on any bargaining concessions.

In reaching a tentative agreement with the AFT, the district agreed to an adjusted starting point of $22.7 million as the projected deficit for 2021-22; a reduction of $12 million from its prior estimate of $34.9 million. This was based on several adjustments that have occurred over the past weeks.

Expenditure Adjustments

While the district began the year anticipating an operational deficit, through prudent fiscal management, vacant position and operational savings has substantially impacted the projected deficit, negating approximately $6 million in reductions needed to balance the 2021-22 budget. Non-position savings in 2020-21 could also potentially result in operational savings of an additional $1 million. This is subject, however, to end of year adjustments.

Additionally, the college will defer $2 million in funding designated to support maintenance and technology needs in 2021-22. We will revisit these needs in 2022-23.

In addition, the salary concessions are sufficient to offset the faculty portion of $2.1 million in increases that employees would have received based on their years of service.

Revenue Assumptions

Additionally, due to lower than expected sales tax revenue, the college is planning to use approximately $1 million in Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds to support the loss of College revenue in 2021-22.


With the above actions, and with approximately $22.7 million in projected concessions for the next fiscal year, the college will be able to fund comprehensive course offerings, provide needed student services, fund its mandated operational reserve, avoid personnel layoffs, and balance the projected 2021-22 budget.

Interim Chancellor, Rajen Vurdien, Ph.D. commented:

“I want to thank both negotiating teams for spending countless hours in discussions over the last two months. Now is the time for the College to move forward as a team to rebuild our enrollment, establish trust and address the structural changes that are so necessary for the institution to be successful and sustainable.”

Information on the College’s actions can be accessed on our Public Information Page.

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