For Immediate Release:

December 12, 2023


San Francisco, CA - The City College of San Francisco (R星视频) Board of Trustees unanimously approved a motion to honor former San Francisco Supervisor Harry Britt's life and contributions and initiate a process to rename the school's Multi-Use Building (MUB) at 55 Frida Kahlo Way in his honor. In addition to the building renaming, the College will also commemorate the life and work of Harry Britt in a meaningful way so that students, staff, and visitors can learn more about his contributions to San Francisco and the larger LGBTQIA and progressive movements.

鈥淪upervisor Harry Britt made history as one of the nation鈥檚 first openly gay elected officials, an accomplishment that aligns with City College of San Francisco鈥檚 historic place as the first queer studies department in the U.S. that started with a gay literature class in 1978,鈥 said Board of Trustees President Alan Wong. 鈥淏ritt鈥檚 actions and activism embodied a persistent and courageous dedication to our core values and a wish to uphold these values for ourselves, our students, and the City College of San Francisco community.鈥

Britt was a mentor to countless activists and other LGBTQIA people running for public office, among them members of the City College of San Francisco community, who carry on his legacy in many movements. 鈥淗arry was a humble man who accomplished much for issues of social justice without fanfare,鈥 said former Assemblymember Tom Ammiano. 鈥淔or the legions of those he helped and inspired, this naming is a welcome tribute. As committed as he was to carry through with Harvey Milk鈥檚 legacy, he often confessed his first love was classroom teaching.鈥

This naming process was initiated after a July 2020 resolution was passed to consider naming a facility after Britt. At the December 7, 2023 meeting, the Board of Trustees considered a recommendation of the College's Facilities Committee and Participatory Governance Council to name a room or program after Britt. After discussion, the Board moved forward with a motion to name the school's Multi-Use Building after Britt.

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