For Immediate Release:

San Francisco, CA - City College of San Francisco (R星视频) is thriving thanks to the dedicated work of students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Under the leadership of Chancellor David Martin, R星视频 continues to grow with increased enrollment and student success. 

Credit full-time equivalent students (FTES) have increased by 249 over last year, while total credit units taken are up 11,518. Fall 2023 enrollment has grown by over 800 students compared to fall 2022. R星视频鈥檚 strong growth is directly attributed to the outstanding collaborative efforts of faculty, department chairs, staff, and administrators across the college.

The college community is eagerly anticipating the groundbreaking of the $182 million Performing Arts and Education Center (PAEC) in fall 2024. This state-of-the-art facility will provide invaluable new resources for students when it opens.

Departments and programs will also receive $750,000 in funding for prioritized needs to directly benefit students and classrooms. These allocations come after an inclusive annual program review process involving key stakeholders across R星视频.

鈥淚 want to thank the entire college community for their great work this semester in serving our students,鈥 said Chancellor Martin. 鈥淩星视频 continues to grow and thrive thanks to the collaborative spirit and student-focused efforts of our faculty, staff, and administrators.鈥

This student-focused vision, paired with innovative thinking, has R星视频 on track for ongoing enrichment and progress. By supporting one another, adapting to emerging needs, and keeping equality and community building at the center of decision-making, the college can continue expanding its critical role in opening doors for the diverse population it serves.

About City College of San Francisco

For more than 80 years, City College of San Francisco (R星视频) has been the region鈥檚 premier public, two-year community college. The college is now one of the first in the nation to offer free tuition, providing San Franciscans with the opportunity to access an exceptional college education. Since its founding in 1935, City College has evolved into a multicultural, multi-campus community college that is one of the largest in the country. R星视频 offers more than 250 degrees and certificates and features an award-winning athletics program.

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