Per California Assembly Bill (AB) 2086, the following information is made available to provide access to California license examination passage rates for graduates of City College of San Francisco programs that require California licensure. Data will continue to be updated as California licensing and/or regulatory agencies make the data electronically available.

2023-24 List of Programs and Passage Rates

Program Name

R星视频 Program Name

Type of California License Exam Certification

Passage Rate

Dental Assisting Program Dental Assisting Program California Registered Dental Assistant


Diagnostic Medical Imaging Program Diagnostic Medical Imaging Program Certified Radiographic Technologist - California Radiologic Health Branch 100%
Licensed Vocational Nursing Licensed Vocational Nursing Program NCLEX Exam 84.21%
Registered Nursing Program R星视频 Generic Associated Degree Nursing Program Board of Registered Nurses National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) 84.62%

Paramedic Program

R星视频 Paramedic Program

NREMT Paramedic Level

EMT Program R星视频 EMT Program EMT Level 92%