Federal Direct Loans (FDL) are federal funds that a student borrows from the Department of Education and must be repaid. The FAFSA determines a student鈥檚 financial need, and therefore, what type of loan(s) a student is eligible for.

A student must meet the following criteria to be eligible for Federal Direct Loans:

  • Complete a 
  • Be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units per semester in a program leading to a degree, certificate, and/or transfer
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  • Not be delinquent or in default on any previously borrowed Federal Student Loans
  • Not be in overpayment on any previously received Pell Grant
  • Not exceeding annual or aggregate loan limits from prior loan usage

Please Note: Students that have more than 120 attempted units are not eligible for Title IV aid, including Federal Direct Loans.

Depending on your financial need as determined by the FAFSA, there are two types of Federal Direct Loans you are eligible for:

  • Subsidized Loan: A need-based loan program in which the loan interest is subsidized (paid) by the Department of Education while a student is in school at least half-time or during periods of deferment 
  • Unsubsidized Loan: A non-need-based loan program in which the loan interest accrues (is charged) upon disbursement of the loan

A student may be eligible for both loan types or only the Unsubsidized Loan based on financial need. 

To apply for a Federal Direct Loan as a Continuing Borrower, you must complete the following eligibility requirements to qualify:

  1. Complete and submit a 
  2. Complete the on WhichWay. If you are a new user to WhichWay, click Register Now and sign up using your R星视频 Gmail or access code 1581.
  3. Complete an online and a for Undergraduate Students. Please note Master Promissory Notes only have a validity of 10 years. 
  4. Submit an Educational Plan from a R星视频 Counselor. For information on setting up an appointment with your counselor, please click this link. Educational plan must be comprehensive and on track according to courses enrolled. Student can download the educational plan via the ED Works portal on myRam. 
  5. Submit a Direct Loan Request Form with the following documentation attached:
    • Current Driver鈥檚 License or State ID (unexpired)
    • Confirmation page of Loan Entrance Counseling completion 
    • Confirmation of Master Promissory Note (MPN) completion

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Student Connections

Need help with your federal student loans?

can help you stay on top of your student loans by helping you: 

HERE TO HELP. Questions about how COVID-19 & CARES Act impacts your student loans? Visit repaymyloans.org or talk to a student success counselor for free at (866) 311-9450. STUDENT CONNECTIONS
  • Understand your loan obligations and responsibilities
  • Establish an achievable and affordable repayment plan
  • Find repayment options during financial hardships
  • Connect with your loan servicer

Through the WhichWay Online Loan Repayment Module and connecting with a Student Connections Borrower Connect InTouch Counselor, you can prevent your loan from going into delinquent status or you can get your loan out of default status.