City College has established prerequisites and corequisites to ensure that students have the skill level necessary to succeed in a course. Before your online registration date, please check to see if your class has a prerequisite.

Prerequisite Clearance

Prerequisites must be cleared prior to enrollment. Plan ahead and take care of this as early as possible to avoid delays to your enrollment in important classes.

You are automatically cleared if:

  • You are currently enrolled in the appropriate prerequisite course at R星视频
  • You have completed the appropriate prerequisite course at R星视频 or have placed into the course with a R星视频 assessment or placement test

Prerequisite Challenge

If you completed the prerequisite course at another college/university, you can challenge the prerequisite by following the below instructions.

If your prerequisite is English or Math:

  • Submit the .
  • Attach transcripts showing the completion of English coursework with a "C" or higher and/or Math coursework with a "C-" or higher (the previous college must consider "C-" a passing grade). If you are using a test score to complete the assessment, please attach a copy of your test scores.

To meet a prerequisite for a higher-level course:

  • Complete the  
  • Attach a copy of your transcript showing the related course completed at another college with a "C" or higher grade.
  • When filling Q4 (inside the challenge form), please fill out the following information with the Subject Course Name, Course Number, and CRN#. For example: MATH 110A, CRN# 80888

Most prerequisite challenge requests will be processed within 5 business days. Your approved prerequisite challenges can be viewed on your  and will be sent to your R星视频 email account.  There are some challenge requests that may need to be forwarded to the Department for approval and may take longer to process.

Please note that you may be dropped from the course if you do not complete the Prerequisite Challenge process.

Please also note that submitting your transcript to the Assessment Center is only for assessment/placement purposes. If you plan to transfer external coursework to R星视频 to fulfill certificate and/or degree requirements, you will need to submit your official transcript to Admissions & Records, which is a separate process.