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R星视频 Outreach and Recruitment team members are here to answer any questions you might have, to help you better understand many programs and courses we offer, to help you prepare for your successful academic journey by connecting you to various resources and communities, so you know how to optimize your time and outcome while you study at R星视频.

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Picture of Aaron

Aaron (A-ron) Orpilla, Sr. Management Assistant / Metro Transfer Program Coordinator

Brief Biography: Aaron Orpilla is a first-generation college graduate from Chabot College and San Francisco State University. His experiences in navigating community college cultivated his passion to support students from marginalized backgrounds. Aaron Orpilla has been managing and directing student support programs for over 8 years. He has taught ethnic studies at Balboa High School through Pin@y Educational Partnerships (PEP) and has served as a program manager for the Richmond Neighborhood Center at Wallenberg High School, Asian American LEAD (AALEAD) in Washington, DC, and the Southeast Asian Development Center (SEADC) in the Tenderloin community.

As a program manager for these organizations, Aaron has initiated many different college access programs supporting students on their journey to college. More recently Aaron has worked as a Community School Director/Manager at both San Francisco Unified School and Oakland Unified School District. Through these experiences, Aaron has created and sustained culturally relevant programming for students that focuses on identity, leadership, academic enrichment, and health and wellness. Moreover, he is committed to training and mentoring the development of staff to provide quality student support programming and support their overall professional development and success.

Passion or Hobbies:  A-ron is a storyteller and does this through performing arts. He enjoys acting and directing stories of his Queer Filipinx experiences.

Favorite Place on Ocean Campus:  The beautiful view from Batmale Hall

Anything Else to Share: Join Metro! Visit me in the Metro Resource Center MUB 338!

Picture of Andrea

Andrea Lopez, Student Ambassador, Outreach and Recruitment

Brief Biography: Currently Andrea Lopez is entering her second year and planning to transfer to a 4year university next spring. Her plan is to get a Business Administration degree and a minor in education. 

Passion or Hobbies: Andrea loves listening to people, giving them advice and help as much as she can.

Favorite Place on Ocean Campus: Andrea's favorite place on campus is the Multi Use Building because you can find almost any department and get help from professional staff.

Anything Else to Share:  Andrea's goal is to open an immigration organization that helps families from all over the world. Always remember that the only thing you cannot achieve is the one you haven鈥檛 try to do.

Picture of Antonio

Antonio Gil, Student Ambassador, Outreach and Recruitment

Brief Biography: Antonio Gil has been with the Outreach and Recruitment as one of the student ambassadors since 2021. He became a student ambassador to help new students and represent the City College as well as to save up money when he transfers to a 4-year university. He is majoring in Liberal Arts and Humanities at R星视频.

Passion or Hobbies: Antonio's goal is to become an animator in the entertainment industry. He is looking forward to working with companies like Illumination, DreamWorks, or Pixar after he graduates. In his free time, he likes to play video games and loves to draw with charcoal.

Favorite Place on Ocean Campus: One of his favorite places on Ocean campus is the outside view of Batmale Hall because he gets to see a clear view of the city and a great place to take pictures.

Anything Else to Share: Antonio plans on studying animation when he transfers out to a university. The university that he hopes to get accepted is San Jose State University for its Animation/Illustration program.

Picture of Cathy

Cathy Chang, Sr. Management Assistant, Outreach and Recruitment

Brief Biography: Cathy Chang has been working in higher education as academic staff, administrator, and instructor since 2010. Prior to her time in higher education, she had various roles in marketing, PR, and project/program management. She served various organizations from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in Technology, Advertising, PR, and Hospitality industries such as Microsoft, the Westin Hotel, and J. Walter Thompson. She also started and ran two small businesses in Seattle and San Francisco. She has a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and a M.A. in Organization and Leadership from the University of San Francisco.

Passion or Hobbies: Cathy's passion is education and leadership. It took 20 years for her to discover her true passion, but she is very grateful that she eventually did and she loves helping students achieve their dreams. Whenever time allows, she teaches short courses in general business, entrepreneurship and innovation, and leadership at Bay Area Colleges. She believes in a quote from Aristotle which resonates with her educational and leadership philosophy, 鈥淓ducating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.鈥

Favorite Place on Ocean Campus: Cathy's favorite place on our Ocean campus is the seating area on the fourth floor in the library overlooking the football stadium and an amazing view of San Francisco.

Anything Else to Share: Since the pandemic, Cathy has started growing fruit trees from seeds which has become one of her new hobbies. She now has various fruit trees including avocado, mango, apple, pear, cherry, mandarin orange, and lemon.

Erika Flores

Erika Flores, Director of High School Partnerships and First Year Experience

Brief Biography:  I have worked in the community college field for eight years. I have a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from San Francisco State University.

Passion or Hobbies: My hobbies include reading, baking, and trying all of the best breakfast spots around the city. I am passionate about working with students to find their educational path.

Favorite Place on Ocean Campus: My favorite place is the library. It has great views and lots of resources. 

Anything Else to Share: I am excited for my journey at R星视频.

Photo of Meg

Meg Hudson, Dean of Outreach and Community Partnerships

Brief Biography: Meg has been at R星视频 since 2018. Prior to that, she served for over 20 years as an administrator and teacher in several K-12 districts. As a program evaluator and grant writer, she worked with almost 100 schools throughout Northern California, helping them to strengthen teaching and learning to better serve their students. Meg holds a B.A. in Zoology from UC Berkeley, an EdM from Harvard, and an M.A. in Educational Administration from SFSU.

Passion or Hobbies:  As a native San Franciscan and a graduate of SFUSD, Meg is passionate about serving the people of the San Francisco Bay Area and ensuring they have access to R星视频's amazing programs and services so that they can better their lives and improve their communities.

Favorite Place on Ocean Campus:  Meg loves the Chef's Table in the Pierre Coste Room, run by the Culinary Department. It's a great way to get a full-course meal for a reasonable price. She also loves the R星视频 Art Gallery (V119), as well as the Rosenberg Library with its amazing views.

Anything Else to Share: Meg really enjoys her job! She loves helping students and collaborating with colleagues across the college to put on fun events and to make R星视频 a more welcoming place.

Picture of Patrick

Patrick Mendoza, Student Assistant, Outreach and Recruitment

Brief Biography:  Patrick is currently pursuing a degree in architecture at City College of San Francisco with the goal of one day being a licensed architect. Design and innovation in the modern world have piqued his interest throughout his life, and his collaborative experiences with others have steered him towards studying architecture. 

As a visually impaired student, creating a path for others like himself could open up a viable career route for many. Leveraging his strengths to compensate for any challenges has motivated him to strive for being his personal best. Encountering numerous perspectives has also inspired him to explore the realm of universal design. In doing so, he aims to resonate with the broader community but also those that have supported him throughout his personal journey.

Passion or Hobbies:  One of Patrick's passions is to work with others in cultivating a vibrant sense of community, as if not only allows him to forge connections with diverse individuals but also provides a platform to exchange a wide range of ideas. 

Favorite Place on Ocean Campus:  Right now Patrick's go-to place on campus would have to be the Lunch Box because it is where he can sit down, relax, eat, and enjoy the outdoor ambiance.

Anything Else to Share: In Patrick's free time, he likes to make room for his hobbies like martial arts, basketball, videography, and cutting his friends' hair. 

Picture of Kyae

Kyae Sin Thaw, Student Ambassador, Outreach and Recruitment

Brief Biography: Kyae is an international student majoring in Business Administration at City College of San Francisco and currently in her second semester. She is originally from Myanmar (Burma). Her aspiration for her future is to work with large corporations after graduating and to become an influential business woman in one day. She discovered R星视频 while exploring her educational opportunities. She is introduced to a world of opportunities to learn and gain experiences which she did not have before. She is enjoying these unique opportunities to enhance her academic and personal growth.

As an international student, adapting to a new culture, academic system, and way of life was initially overwhelming. However, R星视频 provided a welcoming and nurturing environment that helped her transition smoothly. The programs offered at R星视频 were instrumental in bridging the gaps in her knowledge and skills, paving the way for her to excel academically.

Now that she has thrived through the help and guidance of R星视频, she is eager to give back. She has taken the role of assisting fellow students, sharing her experiences, and providing the support they need to achieve their own academic and personal success.

Passion or Hobbies: Kyae's heart lies in volunteering and participating in school events, where she can immerse herself in creativity and connect with fellow students. These events serve as platforms for the students to share their ideas, cultures, and stories which foster unity and understanding amongst a diverse group of individuals.

Favorite Place on Ocean Campus: Kyae's favorite place on the Ocean Campus is the Rosenberg library where she can do her homework in peaceful environment and take a nap if she would like to.

Anything Else to Share: In Kyae's free time, she likes to hang out with her friends. She aspires to join the UC Berkeley Haas Program.

City College of San Francisco

Karen Louriana M (KLM), CTE Coordinator, Outreach and Recruitment

Brief Biography: KLM has proudly served the community in various roles. She is very much influenced by her Ethnic Studies degree.

Passion or Hobbies: KLM enjoys crafting, being creative, and cats.

Favorite Place on Ocean Campus: 

Anything Else to Share: 

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