Medical Nursing & Mental Health Appointments

R星视频 Student Health remote virtual services

  1. Mental Health Counseling
  2. Sexual and reproductive health
  3. Birth control
    Consultations only
  4. Request for oral contraceptive pills (OCP)
    Refill prescription 鈥 established patients only
  5. Emergency contraceptive pill
  6. Sexually transmitted infections (STI)
    Consultations only (no labs)
  7. Urinary symptoms
  8. Upper respiratory symptoms
    Such as fever, cough, ear pain
  9. Immunization
    Consultation only 鈥 for transfer, ISP or health science requirements
  10. International Student
    Referral/Insurance Help

Students are encouraged to make appointments. You can make an appointment in one of the following ways:

  • By telephone 415-239-3110