Welcome to the Writing Success Project

The Writing Success Project is a TRIO student support services program linked to sections of English 1A up through English 1C. The program supports first-generation college students who have financial need, and students with disabilities. Each English class that is linked with the TRIO WSP offers a professional tutor who attends class, supports students in their English work, and coaches students in college success strategies. Students in the program will be connected to academic counseling, and will receive help applying for scholarships, planning their transfer pathway, exploring careers, developing financial literacy, and connecting with an inspiring community of peers.

TRIO WSP Workshops and Events

UC Applications: Preparing for Fall 2024

Each semester, we offer support for students planning to transfer to the UCs. Join us in fall 2024 for a conversation with Christina Tinsley (transfer advisor for UC Berkeley) about how you can prepare for your UC application.

If you'd like support for your UC application, you can also make an appointment with TRIO WSP Coordinator Ghislaine Maze (gmaze@ccsf.edu).

Transfer Planning: Getting Started with the Transfer Opportunity Program

This conversation with Jackie Nguyen from the Transfer Opportunity Program will help you understand your options for transfer (CSUs, UCs, and other universities).

  • Thursday, April 25 at 1:00
  •  this in-person workshop!

You can also join the all semester to learn how to set up your Transfer Application Plan (TAP) account to get on track with your planning for all the UCs. And a one-on-one is another way for you to make sure you're on track to transfer. 

Talking with someone who knows how degree pathways function at R星视频, and then coming up with an educational plan, can help you develop and solidify your personal goals. Our TRIO WSP tutor Zac says, "When I was in community college, it wasn鈥檛 until I met with counselors/advisors, and started seeking support in other ways, that I became successful in determining the path that best fit my interests."

Zac led a walkthrough of the R星视频 counseling appointment system (with pro tips on how to increase your chances of finding an appointment).  of the walkthrough session!

R星视频 has excellent Career Counselors who can help you find the right major, and Employment Specialists who can help you plan your professional path, degree, and resume-building activity for a specific career. Contact Ghislaine (gmaze@ccsf.edu) to get connected to these resources.

On November 8 we celebrate the achievements of students who are the first in their families to attend college. Our First-Gen Celebration brings together students, faculty, and staff at City College to talk about the experience of forging a path and finding ways to succeed in college.

In fall 2023, we collaborated with the R星视频 Collaboratory to host a crafting event to honor the motivation and successes of the first-gen college community. Please check out the that students created!

Join us in Fall 2024 for conversations about important financial topics with Victor Vazquez. He is a financial expert and was first-gen college student, and he knows how to make intimidating money issues approachable. 

If you'd like support for budgeting, saving, or building or repairing your credit, make an appointment with the TRIO WSP coordinator, Ghislaine (gmaze@ccsf.edu).