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Reaching a Deal


  • Be in the middle of the sales industry, improving the relations between vendors, partners, and consumers by improving sales effectiveness process.

  • Anticipate changes in local markets and help customers prepare for them

  • Be the ever-fresh pair of eyes that customers call to grow their revenue and profit

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Who We Are

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Companies are consumed under the pressures of making the numbers, firefighting, and other typical business pressures. They wakeup one day and face one or some of the following challenges:

  1. Their industry/competitors are growing revenues faster than they do.

  2. They recently missed their revenue growth objective.

  3. Customer acquisition cost is too high and customer lifetime value is too low.

  4. Buyers have changed the way they make buying decisions.

  5. Not enough opportunities in the pipeline or win rates are too low.

  6. Deal sizes are not increasing.

  7. The sales cycle is too long.

  8. The revenue performance varies greatly from rep to rep and from region to region.

  9. Attracting and retaining sales talent is not effective.

Sales Transformation Services


Check the list of services we provide

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Sales Force Competency Assessment, SFCA. 

  • Hiring the wrong sales rep is quite costly !!

  • Ramp up period for a new sales rep is the sum of on-boarding the new sales rep plus one full sales cycle.​

  • By the time you find out, it is already too late and you lost hiring fees, overall compensation, severance pay (typically the cost of one year of his total package) PLUS the cost of mistakes and disruptions.​

  • Even after you hire a great sales rep, you have to recognize his/her personal traits and work tendencies to better allocate the best fit territory/ customer. 

To see how customers benefit from our service, please click on this statement to browse sales force competency assessment report on SFCA page 

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Sales Process Services, SPS.

Businesses are engulfed into a world where they think of "How to sell", not "How customers buy".

STS-KEMET provides sales process services  that helps build a customized process that fits buyers' buying journey, their industry, and our customers' sales  team capabilities.

To see how customers benefit from our service, please click on this statement to browse a sample sales process questionnaire on SPS page 

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Sales Enablement and Operations Services, SEOS.

Hiring, on-boarding , and enablement! The three stages to full productivity.

Unfortunately, most companies in the Middle East do not have a clear definition of each of stages.

Hiring is based on CV's, on-boarding is taken lightly and is limited to peer shadowing, enablement is merely sending the sales reps to training, sales and operations is merely sales administration

STS-KEMET helps its customers setup the right structure for their sales support function (sales enablement and operations)

To get a deeper knowledge of  the responsibility of different sales support functions, please click on this statement to visit SEOS page


Sales Leaders and Sales Force Training, SLFT.

Training is not always the solution of revenue decline.

STS-KEMET provides "sales effectiveness" courses, which is more than just selling skills training. 

Training comes after assessing the sales force competency of the team and reaching complete picture of hunter/farmer classification of the sales team members.

Training courses include:

  1. SFT 013, fundamental sales effectiveness training (3 days)

  2. SFT 022H, greenfield Development training for hunters (2 days)

  3. SFT022F, account development training for farmers (2 days)

  4. SLT 033 effective sales management training (2 days)

To see the detailed outline, please click on this statement to visit SLFT page and brows the detailed outline.

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